Dentist – Fourways Family Dental Care

We make setting off to the dental specialist as pleasant of an encounter as could be expected under the circumstances. We pride ourselves on shaping individual associations with every patient, giving a loosening up the air, and utilizing imaginative gear so you can get settled medicines.


By providing a broad scope of general, corrective and remedial dentistry benefits, our educated, mindful group causes you to accomplish the energetic grin you have always needed!

Routine Checkups

It is prescribed that you visit the dental specialist two times per year for a regular checkup and cleaning, to guarantee that any creating issues, for example, rot, periodontal sickness, and oral malignant growth, are gotten early. At the point when arrived right on time, there is a more prominent possibility of treatment achievement. One of our capable hygienists will altogether clean your teeth and will educate you on what you can do at home to improve your oral wellbeing.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are bright tops that are set on the back teeth. These teeth are typically furrowed on top, which makes them hard to appropriately spotless and helpless against rot. Sealants square nourishment, microscopic organisms, and plaque from the tooth, and they can keep going for up to 10 years.

Rest Apnea Treatment

Rest apnea is a confusion wherein you quit relaxing for brief timeframes amid rest. When you heave to recover your breath, it creates a troublesome wheezing sound. Rest apnea can cause weakness, touchiness, misery, morning cerebral pains, hypertension, heart issues, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. At Lippian Family Dentistry, we can screen you for rest apnea. We can likewise make a dental machine that realigns the mouth and jaw, opening up the aviation routes.

Athletic Mouthguards

At Smileway Family Dentist, we can give a uniquely made mouthguard that feels great and secure in the mouth. Mouthguards are essential to wear amid games to keep changeless teeth from being thumped out and to help set aside your cash from expecting to pay for increasingly costly tooth substitutions!

Laser Gum Treatment

We use laser treatment for gum chiseling, particularly following supports. On the off chance that you have a grin that is excessively “sticky,” or your gums have retreated, this treatment can help.

TMJ Treatment

TMJ represents the temporomandibular joint. At the point when this joint isn’t working effectively, you may feel a popping, clicking, or torment in the TMJ joints that associate your jaw to the skull, just as migraines and facial agony. You may battle to utilize your jaw appropriately. Our specialists can search for side effects of TMJ and give a mouthguard to wear amid rest to realign the jaw, or we may recommend different procedures for mitigating torment and uneasiness.