Health and Spirituality – What Is the Connection?

Life and human existence raise many questions that can be put into context within the framework of spiritual life. Certain forms of spirituality, religion, and faith, can find your connection with you and the world. Many people wonder if religion, prayer, and spirituality have any positive effect on the health of the body and mind.

عرق السواحل
عرق السواحل

They say that faith moves mountains. But can faith be good for health? For years and years, this question has arisen in scientific debates. It is clear that human beings are a whole composed of body, mind, and spirit. Therefore, one entity cannot function independently of the other: if the body gets sick, it is because something in the mind and emotions is wrong.

Since we have been able to use reason, most of us ask ourselves about the meaning of life. “Why am I here?” “What is my mission in the world?” “What happens after death?” Are some of the questions that we have all raised. To answer them and give context to life, spirituality has emerged. This is not necessarily linked to a religion or a cult, but rather comes from choosing a way to connect with oneself and with others and give meaning to existence. Scientists agree that spirituality and faith have positive effects on health, but not precisely because there are ‘miracles’ in the religious sense of the word. Rather, because people who lead a spiritual life,

Social Support: people who belong to a church, a cult, a congregation or share a practice such as meditation or yoga, have a larger circle of support and develop more significant interpersonal relationships that are good for emotional well-being. This results in better body/mind health.

Healthy Habits: religious and spiritual practices motivate healthy habits such as eating more vegetables and fruits (in yoga and meditation this is recommended) and also to avoid alcohol and tobacco. Positive thoughts and emotions: religious and spiritual activities bring positive emotions and positive thoughts, which has been shown to have a good influence on the immune system and on mental health.

High Self- Esteem: having a spiritual life promotes a good self-image; as well as acceptance and love towards life. Ability to cope better with situations: spiritual people who practice prayer or meditation, for example, have a better ability to cope and cope with stressful and difficult situations that may arise. This means that stress does not have such a strong impact on physical health. In the same way, if they have any disease or addiction, those who consider themselves spiritual beings or practice some religion can recover much more easily and quickly.

There are some studies that have shown that people who suffer from cancer and have a spiritual life, have a delay in the development of the disease. While more studies are needed to support this theory, it is known that religion, prayer, and spirituality improve the quality of life of cancer patients.

 It is worth clarifying that in our Hispanic culture, many people who consider themselves religious, sometimes see diseases as a “punishment” or a “trial” that they must accept without doing anything about it. This means that they often accept the health problems they face without seeking medical attention. This is a serious mistake! You should always seek medical attention, regardless of your beliefs. Rather use them to have a more positive mind, more connected to your being and in that way.

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